MCCCD Glendale Community College T-1 Building Remodel

MCCCD Glendale Community College T-1 Building Remodel | Glendale, AZ | 23,000 SF

The T-1 building is a single-story 23,000 SF classroom building, originally constructed in 1968, which houses classrooms for computer, electronics, engineering, CAD drafting, and child and family studies. The T-1 building also contains 20 faculty and staff offices and a child care center which operates with a community partner. The scope of the work for this project included remodeling the entire building to provide updated classrooms and labs with raised access flooring, student gathering spaces and faculty offices.

New building entries with exterior improvements were also included in the project. The building’s infrastructure was upgraded including the electrical, information technology, plumbing, restrooms, HVAC, fire suppression and roof systems. Upgrades to the HVAC system for the building include variable air velocity controls in every room, while upgrades to the integrated technology include fiber runs, infrastructure to support streaming audio/video and video capture while maintaining the communications and broadband systems.
The project was designed to meet LEED certification requirements.