Dolphinaris at OdySea in the Desert

Dolphinaris AT OdySea in the Desert | Scottsdale, AZ

A major complement to OdySea in the Desert’s Aquarium and experiential retail and restaurants, Dolphinaris is Arizona’s first swim with Dolphins experience.

Interact with the friendly dolphins in tropical paradise doing the most adrenaline-filled of all swim with dolphins programs! Pet, hug and kiss them, shake their fin and do the famous “Foot Push” or “Dorsal-Ride” interactive behavior where the dolphins propel you across the lagoon! This thrilling program also features a free time session in the water where you may witness the dolphins´ communication skills, listening to their signature clicking and whistling. Observe these extraordinary animals´ doing acrobatic jumps, one of their most spectacular behaviors.

Different types of encounters have been developed to accommodate everyone – from full immersion encounters to dry encounters where the dolphins swim up to a “shelf” in the water for guests to interact with them from land.

Other amenities include a second floor restaurant overlooking the dolphin’s habitat for excellent viewing both during the day and night. A rooftop sky deck will allow guests to also view the dolphins, as well as the spectacular mountain views.  Additionally a beach club will allow for relaxing in the serene environment before or after your dolphin encounter, complete with lounge chairs, private cabanas and spools.  This area will also accommodate private parties, both during the day and evenings.

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